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      GLAZED was started because of our passion and love for cars and detailing. We wanted to share that passion and experiences with you. Through our blog and social media platforms you will be able to track our experiences and the cars we have fallen in love with.Our aim is to provide a range of specialist top quality car care products at affordable prices.

      Our goal is to ensure we can offer products for the home detailers and enthusiasts as well as the professionals. We offer a broad range of car care products that allow you to choose what meets your car cleaning needs with as much choice as possible.
      We are a small company that only markets products we have  tried and tested. We believe we can offer you top quality products that you are looking for.

      We want our customers to return knowing that they can trust us and the brands we advertise and sell.

      If you need more details or advice about our products please get in touch. We are happy to help. Please share your thoughts and experiences about our range of products. We hope you enjoy!